Recover from Anything

Recover from Anything

(Men’s Health) Return to form by doing more of what you’re already into:


Eat Up
Alcohol keeps your gut from creating certain liver and intestine protecting fatty acids, in case of hangover emergency: Replenish with a greasy wrap, occasionally, reports the journal Gastroenterology.


Heal Hurt
Going through a tough breakup? Scientist, at the University of Kentucky, found that acetaminophen can dull emotional as well as physical pin. A less bitter pill to swallow, at least for the short term.


Strike a Pose
Downward dog looks like a man’s second-best friend. The International Journal of Yoga says yoga can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression and can even promote addiction recovery.


Hot Sauce on Everything
The capsaicin in chili peppers may help stave off increase in blood lactates, helping to relieve muscle fatigue according to Nutrients.


Go Green or Blue
The University of California, Berkeley, found watching nature documentaries can significantly reduce anger and stress after a lousy day, replace them with a sense of joy.


Walk to Work
The University of Georgia finds chasing that wiped-out feeling with 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise such as walking to work during an energy-sapping week could reduce fatigue by 65 percent.


About two hours a week of mindfulness such as meditation and mindful eating may help reduce some of the daytime impairments from sleep loss, according to an article in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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