These Foods Are Loaded with Sugar

These Foods Are Loaded with Sugar

It’s no surprise that soda, candy, cake and cookies are loaded with sugar. But did you know pasta sauce, ketchup and frozen yogurt are packed with it, too? has helpfully figured out the top five hidden sources of sugar. Beware what you eat and drink.


1. Pasta sauce
Virtually all tomato-based pasta sauces have added sugar to offset the acidity of the tomatoes — and it can really add up at two teaspoons of sugar per half-cup serving.


2. Dried fruit
Dried fruit is already sweet due to the natural sugars found in the fruit, but some packaged brands add even more sugar–and it’s not the good kind.


3. Condiments
From hot sauce to soy sauce, many condiments are not only packed with sodium, but also sugar. The three condiments with the most sugar added are ketchup, barbecue sauce and teriyaki sauce. How much sugar? Each tablespoon of ketchup is roughly equivalent to one teaspoon of sugar.


4. Frozen yogurt
Although fro-yo has far less fat than a comparable amount of ice cream, sugar is added to make it taste food–as much as seven teaspoons in a small serving.


5. Sports drinks
After a long run or grueling workout, you need to hydrate, and a sports drink is the perfect way to do that. The electrolytes in a sports drink replace what you lost through sweating, and the sugar in the beverage fills up your muscles’ depleted carbohydrate stores. And that’s just fine! But if you consume sports drinks without exercising, it’s a lot like drinking a full-sugar soda.

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